{ Raves }


"Such creative art work, models, photography all wrapped into marketing your business. 
I love it all!! Your jewelry has evolved into an all around beautiful experiance"

-Lauren C.
New York USA



"OMG, Maggie! Just received my order in the mail today and I can't believe how GORGEOUS the jewelry is!
Truly so beautiful, even better in person. I can't wait for my big day to wear these.
Your pieces are like none other!"

-Sharlie D. 

New York USA

"I have a large collection of Maggie's Jewelery and every time I receive compliments! 
It has gotten to the point where my friends will say "I love your earrings!  Let me guess, Maggie's Jewelry Box?" 
Every piece is unique, beautiful and simply stunning whether showcased in your jewelry box or on your person,
and I can't wait to see what's to come in the future!"

-Lisa B.
New York USA


"I think your whole approach to your business is so personal and yet so professional!
I am so impressed. I wish you tons of success."

-Christine H.

New York USA


"You are just fabulous. Yes, I that sounds great. Thank you Maggie!!

I stopped into Mirror Mirror today to get my veil and saw a MJB display, it made me smile!
You deserve all the success your business has brought you,

and I'm not just saying that because I love your jewelry."

-Mary B.

New York USA

"I've said it before and I'll say it again.. You were awesome to work with.
It's really easy to stand behind a product that you know is great!
Your jewelry and accessories are like no other.
I bet your clients feel like celebrities!"

-Olya P.
New York USA

"Maggie - Thank you for all of your tireless work making me & all of my girls beautiful.
I had a picture in my mind of what I hoped my day would look like and you nailed it!
From jewelry to flower girls to custom made"binkie leashes" you can do no wrong! =)
I can't wait for the next time I get to work with you!
So happy to see you so successful doing what you love."

-Megan P.
New York USA

"Maggie, I absolutely love all my jewelry!!! 
You are so talented! Thank you so much!"

-Erin W.
New York USA

"Wow! Wow! I LOVE them both! they look so great!
Ahhh I am so excited! thank you so so very much!
You did just what I wanted!"

-MaryLou G.
New York USA

“I can't believe I use to buy jewelry from a department store...
EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS, They’d be crazy not to LOL!
I'm your new favorite customer!”

-Caleigh J.

New Jersey USA


"Hi Maggie! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the earrings, they are perfect.
I'm so excited for my girls to see their jewelry.
You did such a great job!"

-Emily M.

New York USA

Maggie did an amazing job with the jewelry for my wedding day.
She helped me customize by looking at photos of my dress and talking to me through Facebook messages.
She was so great!
I love my custom jewelry and accessories and I can't wait to finally show them off on my big day. 


"I was nervous about the wait for custom made pieces but they were so worth the wait!
They are better than I ever coulda expected and even done sooner than anticipated.
For once I'm ahead of the game hehe 0;)!"

-Mora L.
New York USA

"Good news my work blocks like all websites but not yours lmbo
you'll be seeing alot of me shoppin on my lunch break hehe"

-Laura M.
New York USA

"Got everything today! It is all so pretty! Thank you!
I would love to order more from you...."

-Lisa B.
New York USA

I have bought several things with MJB. I absolutely love this company!
Their quality and service are top-notch.

I am so impressed with all of my purchases.

You won't be disappointed!!

-Crystal K.
New Jersey USA


"Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
A hundred million thousand times...thank you!!!!"

-Amy B.
New York USA

"Maggie's Jewelry Box rocks my socks! Just got my new pieces!
If you need custom jewelry for a wedding, special event or just because,
she's your girl! Thanks Maggie!

-Christie N.
New York USA

"WOW! Our jewelry was amazing. 
I had to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. We got so many compliments on them. 
Everything was so beautiful and a lot was because of your input. I just really appreciate all of your advice.
You really made a big difference in the look of our wedding party.
You are so talented and wonderful to work with.
Thank you so much for everything."

-Diane N.
Massachusetts USA

"Sometimes I find myself surfing your page for hours enjoying all the photography! 
The photos are unlike anythin I've ever seen, such talent!
They sucked me in and I am so glad they did.
I adore my Maggies Jewelry Box items they wonderful & I couldnt have asked for better service."

-Marta R.
Michigan USA

"Maggie at MJB is totes the best! I bought a necklace elsewhere and it broke the same day and she fixed it for me.
She was honest and helped me find a pair of mens cuff links online cuz she didnt sell the kind i needed.
I love my earrings and headband i bought so pretty.
I will never buy things from anywhere else without checkin here first! " 

-Kerrie S.
Nevada USA

"Absolutely love this jewelry! Well done! Beautiful models!"

-Catryna C.
Texas UAS

"These earings are magical lol!!! I am going to literally wear them everyday.
Will be back for more colors soon thanks hon!"

-Katie T
New York USA

"Maggie's Jewelry Box is AMAZING!!! 
I will never shop anywhere else when looking for special occasion jewelry & accessories!
LOVE her!!"

-Sandi B
New York USA

"SHOP HERE RIGHT NOW LOL! You wont be sorry trust me!"

-Debbie N.
New York USA

"She loved them!!!!! TY sooooooooo much! xoxxoxo"

Vikki W.
California USA

"The only thing that is hard about shopping with Maggie’s jewelry box is
that she has so many amazing options to choose from lol! 

I got all of my bridesmaids jewelry customized for an incredible price
and in just a few short weeks. Thanks again!"

Montana USA

" I look your page almost as much as pinterest im addicted lol
pics are so gorg and I love all your stuff! "

-Nicole D.
New York USA

"My jewelry was perfect and the free gifts were such a sweet surprise.
I will definitely be back for more and I am telling everyone I know about you!
Thank you Maggie!"

-Hanna L.
California USA

“Maggie, Thank you so much for doing this for me on such sort notice.
You are so talented!”

-Diane H.

New York USA

“I am SOOOOO impressed!
Everything went with my gown exactly and the hair comb really looked great with my bouquet!
You are truly wonderful!”

-Nicole L.
Vermont USA

"Maggie, you are phenominal. The End. 
Haha just kidding there's more!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. you have been more of a wedding planner
and friend to me than just my jewelry and veil store. Wouldnt have had nearly as nice a wedding without your help.
You have great taste and advice. I am so lucky that I found you and your lovely website.  
With love, Liz"

-Elizabeth D
New York USA

“Gorgeous! I am so glad I found you!
I have never received so many compliments on my jewelry before.”

-Jennifer T.

New York USA

"Alls I have to say is wow.
These are so beautiful I am very happy I picked you to buy from for my wedding.
Thanks again, Kerry."

-Kerry I.
Florida USA

"Maggie, you rock! i love all of the earrings and my necklace.
Callie loves her flower headband. Good luck with your business you are going to make it big girlfriend!!!"

-Karly J.
New York USA

"I rave rave rave about maggies jewelry! wont go anywhere else.
thank you maggie you are the best at what you do"

Katie C.
New York USA

"Got them all today and luv them so much!
Glad I opted for the boxes w ribbon they are so cute
everyone will die when they see wut I got them!
thnx again you are the best!"

-Laura F
New York

“Thank you Maggie for making me look fabulous!”

-Christine R.

Ohio USA

“I got my jewelry in the mail today and I am so in love!
I can’t believe how fast you made everything! You saved the day! Gorgeous!
Thank you oh so very much!”

-Nadia T.

New Jersey USA

"I love how you have set up your site. The pics are gorgeous and the jewelry is to die for.
It is cool how it's like shopping out of someones jewelry box filled to the brim with fabulous goodies!
I will surely be buying from you soon, and would love to potentially feature you on my blog and possibly advertise on your website."

-Kristina D.
New York USA

“I gladly would have paid sooooo much more for the amazing jewelry and service I received.
Going to tell everyone I know about MJB!
So much fun thanks again - Your friend Beth!”

-Bethany I.

Maine USA

“My jewelry is perfect! Now on to my bridesmaids
& flower girl jewelry lol…”

-Paige F.

New York USA

"I just wanted to say how amazing Zoe's jewelry is!!
When we saw it in the display we knew that would be perfect with her dress..
Can't wait to see it all together tomorrow!! You are sooooo crazy talented!!
Thank you soooo much for your amazing gift/ability to create such beauty..."

-Kaycee F.
New York USA

"i'm telling everbody about this so they can make things to match too
you were great and helpful
thanks its beautiful"

-Cara K.
New Jersey USA

"I just wanted to drop in to say how I loved your booth at the Albany Bridal Expo this weekend! 
Being it was your first bridal show, you gals really did an amazing job! 
Your booth was gorgeous, your brand and style was spot on!!! 
Kudo's to you & your team Maggie!  Nice job on the website too!
I know about the hard work and efforts of being a small business owner and when you put your blood, sweat and tears into a project,
the best reward is when its appreciated and loved. 
I wanted to just say "Nice Job" ladies!!!!  I wish you all the best on your endeavors. 
I will be happy to introduce my brides to your site and beautiful jewelry! Best"

Mokihana Pambianchi Bliss Events

"My custom neklace is nowhere short of amazing!
How did you do it! lol It I can't get over it!
Thank you! thank you! thank you!"

Deb F.
Georgia USA

"If you need any jewelry made Maggies Jewelry Box is the place to go. 
Amazing pieces, great prices,
and Maggie herself is quite a nice gal"

-Cali S.
New York USA

"I almost hugged my mailman I was so happy to get my jewelry lmao!
Everything is perfect I cannot believe how perfect they are with the dresses shoes and whatnot.
I will send you pics for sure. thanks so much girl"

-Sarah G.
New Jersey USA

“These just couldn’t be more PERFECT!
Thanks for such a great experience!


-Sarah B.

Texas USA

"Maggies Jewelry Box was amazing to work with <3 <3"

-Trisha N
Florida USA

"They loved them! Very excited to wear on the big day"

-Tara R.
Ohio USA

" I don't normally take the time to review things online.  But after opening all the beautiful gift boxes and seeing my fabulous jewellry,
I tried everything on and took just about 100 selfies so I positivley had to sumbit a reveiw to ya'll!
I am in love with this company and will be shopping again real soon! Thank ya'll so much!!

-Marybeth R.
North Carolina USA

"Im raving Maggie all things Maggies jewlry box they are the best!"

-Tonya H.
Michigan USA

"Check out Maggie's Jewelry Box! 
She can make your jewelry! She is amazing and can do just what you want!!"
Annie T.
New York USA

"Maggie, Thank you so much for all of your beautiful, hard work!
Everything was perfect, and I'm so glad we were able to catch up through the whole process.
I will definitely be spreading the word about you."

-Mary H.
New York USA

"The necklaces are beautiful! Thank you so much.
I cannot wait to give them to the girls on Lolo's birthday.
They're so dainty and eclectic looking. Thank you again!!"

-Katie M.
New York USA

"Thank you Maggie I got my package!!!
Wonderful work and thanks or the extra gift!!"

-Trish D. 
New York USA

"Maggie you're commercial is great!
Every time I wear your jewelry I get compliments."

-Diane S.
New York USA

"i am so happy I found this site.  
i looked everywhere but you have it!  TY" 

-Carol H.
New York USA

"I have been searching since April for that one special piece that would speak to me. 
When I saw this crown on your site I knew I just had to have it!!!!
TYSM I am going to wear it around my house until I can wear it on my wedding day lol!"

-Bethandy D.
New York USA

"I received my shipment and it is beyond beautiful. Thank you!"

-Gerrie W.
Washington USA

"I totally can't thank you enough!!!! My jewelry is crazy beautiful!!!!
I wish my wedding was closer, I am so excited to be able to design all of my stuff for that with you!!!!
Can't wait, I'll be in touch!!! Thanks again Maggie!!!!!"

-Sara M.
New York USA

"Happened across your commercial yesterday and simply had to buy some jewels from you straight away. 
They are so beautiful. Thank you."

-Marissa L.
Vermont USA

"Darling you are going to be famous this is great!!!!!!"

-Sue S.
New York USA

"You have an incredible eye.
After sharing a semester in that really intense studio art class, I couldn't help but notice your talent
so I've been watching ever since, I knew you would do great work and I'm thrilled you are doing what you love."

-Sue M.
New York USA


"I got my stuff today! wow that was speedy! Cant get over how perfect these are!
You are too sweet and I had a great experiance so I wanted to drop by to leave a message.
Thanks again you're a doll"

-Katherine T.
Georgia USA

"A shout out to Maggie's Jewelry Box... The beautiful and talented Maggie of Maggies Jewelry Box
made all the Jewelry for the most beautiful bride in the world and all her bridesmaids.
Thank you so much for your love and generosity so Mrs. Porter could have what she wanted for her day.
The pieces you made were so amazing! Thank you Maggie!!"

-Cherri S.
New York USA

"Yay!! Maggies Jewelry Box is so amazing.
You will love every single piece of jewelry you buy from her.
Everytime I wear something of hers I get SO many compliments."

-Sarah S.
New York USA

"I just wanted to drop in to say how I loved your booth at the Albany Bridal Expo this weekend!
Being it was your first bridal show, you gals really did an amazing job! Your booth was gorgeous, your brands and style was spot on!!!
Kudo's to you & your team Magie! Nice job on the website too!
I know about the hard work and efforts of being a small business owner and when you put your blood, sweat and tears into a project,
the best reward is when its appreciated and loved. I wanted to just say "nice job" ladies!!!!!
I wish you all the best on your endeavors. I will be happy to introduce my brides to your site and beautiful jewelry!" 

Bliss Events by Mokihana Pambianchi

"Maggie thank you so much
Everything was so beautiful much more than I expected because I have never seen any if your jewelry in person.
My daughter loved loved loved it. My family went nuts over it.
Thank you so much for the free gifts I loved everything and can't wait to order more!!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas you are amazing at what you do
my daughter has two five foot tall jewelry boxes filled with jewelry it's her favorite things in the world
and the earrings we purchased from you are her favorite.
The hairpieces are out of this world I might have to borrow them from her
Thank you again"

-Julieanne W
New York USA

*Raves may take up to 48hrs to be posted. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!

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